7 Travel Essentials You Wish You Thought Of

packing is difficult. how is one supposed to pick out all the necessities and then downsize so everything fits in a bag that is going to last you for months? and then on top of that you're supposed to think of all the small things that will get you through your daily life!? don't worry, we've got you covered! here's a list of 7 things you'll need but never thought of. 

1. wine opener 

you're almost guaranteed to find a bottle opener at a hostel and its even more likely that that bottle opener will have had a corkscrew at one point in its life. but considering that most people using that bottle opener will have either been drunk or are trying to get there you will find that the cork screw has been broken off. so for winos like us (and to prevent yourself from breaking at least 4 pocket knives) a wine opener is a must!

the one we suggest is from trader joes. it's a wine and beer opener and for just $1.99 you can't go wrong. now go and help everyone in the hostel open their wine and score a free glass for coming prepared!


2. filtering water bottle

not sure if that water you are about to drink is good for you? don't risk it. taking a water bottle with a built in filter is the perfect solution. 

we suggest the GRAYL water bottle with the travel purifier. this purifier is specifically designed to filter water in developing countries. the best way for drinking clean water and looking good while doing it!

3. headphones

whether you decide to make a soundtrack to your life while biking through san pedro de atacama or are trying to figure out if adnan or jay are guilty in hae min lees murder* you are going to need headphones!

we suggest the LSTN headphones. they provide exceptional sound and give to an amazing cause while doing so. 


4. headphone splitter

if you are traveling with someone, like we did, you are going to want to listen to music together. if you are traveling alone it might be a great way to break the ice with the cute australian sitting next to you on an 18 hour bus ride. 


5. solar charger

if you are traveling to a remote location like the peruvian amazon or the bolivian salt flats you most likely will have limited electricity if any at all (try imagining a group of 20 trying to share two outlets between the hours of 5pm-7pm!) yes, we get that you are abroad and you are supposed to embrace the great outdoors and live in the moment but without a charged phone how are you supposed to post to instagram!? :) 

we suggest Birksun. your bag comes built in with a solar charger and USB plug. one hour in the sun will charge an iPhone battery to 30%!


6. sun glasses

this might seem pretty standard but it is so easy to forget especially when you are headed to the airport at 3am for that flight abroad. yes, you can probably find a pair of knock off raybans within 5 minutes of any tourist destination in the world, but there is a reason they are only $3. 

we suggest the Westwood classic bamboo. not only will having polarized lenses be amazing but these glasses are so light that they float in water! now you don't have to worry about losing your glasses mid rope swing into a river. 


7. toilet paper

while packing M grabbed a roll of toilet paper and threw it into his bag.  A did not understand what he was doing. after traveling south america the reasoning for the toilet paper is completely understandable. who knew that not all restrooms actually provided toilet paper. just a toilet without a seat is pretty standard. we have never been so grateful for TP. 


*serial reference. if you have not listened to the serial podcast you are seriously missing out and must leave this website and download the series to your phone now.